Friday, April 5, 2013

Teachers Pay Teachers

I have been editing my "Rocket Words" that I created last year when my students were having trouble with our weekly high frequency words. I wanted something to add to our weekly spelling packets that my firsties would be excited about. With the help of my fellow first grade teachers I came up with "Rocket Words" and they were a HUGE success. Within the first week I noticed that my students were retaining the weeks words. After some encouragement from my colleagues I prefected them and they are now TpT ready. If you teach from the First Grade Edition of Macmillan/McGraw-Hill California Treasures you need to try "Rocket Words." You can download my SmartStart set for free. Click  here to check out my "Rocket Words." Please leave your feedback!

I have so much stuff still on my To Do list and only 3 days of Spring Break left!! This was my big project to complete. Maybe now I can complete the small things on my list.