Saturday, February 23, 2013

It has been awhile...

It has been soooooooo busy in first grade. We have had a student teacher, celebrated Martin Luther King Jr.,  the 100th day of school, Valentine's Day, President's Day... I feel like I am forgetting something. This week we will finish up our trimester assessments and I will TRY to complete report cards while celebrating Dr. Seuss and saying goodbye to our student teacher. It doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon. Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to...
 For the 100th Day of School we ade necklaces using 100 pony beads, Trail mix, and crowns with 100 dots. Fun was had by all!!!! The poor janitor will be picking up pony beads for months ;) 
 We also made caterpillars with 100 legs by skip counting by 10's.

 Almost there...only a few more cups until there are 100 cups on that tower.

 My kiddos had so much fun working in partners to complete their contraction kids. I found these on pinterest last year but I am not sure where they originated. If you know please leave a comment below so I can give credit to to right person for this super cute idea!!!

 Here are a few of our finished Owl Valentin Bags!!! The were so cute!

 My kiddos earned 20 brownie points and they decided that they wanted to celebrate by having a bubble gum party. OMG!!!! Do you know how comical it is to watch first graders try to blow a bubble?? I was rolling on the floor laughing! Here are a few fun pics!
Picture courtesy of one of my sweet firsties!

Boy is that a big one!!!! Look at the concentration on the little sweeties face in the background!

 She really thought she had a bubble and was a little disappointed when she saw the picture.

I am so excited to start our Dr. Seuss unit this week!!! Our 5th graders will be at camp this week so our school has decided to postpone our celebrations and dress up days until the following week (March 4-8). I have to admit that I am not at all sad that I will have to stretch out my unit for 2 weeks! Tomorrow will be spent on planning my next two weeks. I have so many fun things that I need to figure out how to fit in. A fellow teachers shared a Dr. Seuss app called Cat Cam that I just couldn't resist for $1.99. There are about 10 background that you can put your picture into and tons of stickers you can add. Here is one I took of my lil man.

I will be taking pictures of my kiddos on Monday!

I will try really hard to post throughout the week of what we are doing for Dr. Seuss week. 


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