Friday, December 28, 2012

Linky Party!

Ok, so this is my first Linky Party. I have been following the lovely and super talented ladies from Growing Kinders and Primary Graffiti for about a year now. So here goes...

Since I am a day behind I will post on my techno and organization goals.

Our district is very supportive when it comes to technology. I have a bank of 6 computers in my room. I have an ELMO (document camera) and an Interwrite Board. I use them every single day but I don't feel like I am using them to their full capabilities. I would love to take some of the activities that I have purchased from TpT and make them interacted on my Interwrite Board for my students. I do a lot of the teaching and using the technology. I would love to put it in my students hands. I would also like to find some other websites for my students to use on the computers during group time. Right now the only one we are using in and my kids love it but I think they are getting a little bored.

I have created several activities and have shared them with my colleagues. I would like to put them on TpT and share them with everyone else... But I think they need a little work before they are ready. Soon...

A few years ago I moved into the the room of a retiring teacher. She left EVERYTHING!!! I am still weeding out what I thought I would use but have realized I don't/won't. I would love to get to the last cupboard and get ride of all the teaching stuff that is 100 years old and so out of date ;) I would also like to organize my math materials better. We use the Envision program and I have acquired extra materials to fill the "holes" and I need to organize them better. I have a binder for each topic and overheads that I had created for when we didn't have the Interwrite Boards. Now I use my board for all my math instuction so I have no need for the old black and white overheads. I think I can down size from 20 binders... Plus a few of our topics will change next year with CA moving to Common Core.

I would also like to finish organizing all my center activities into these boxes that I bought at Michaels. I use them for all my scrapbooking stuff and decided to get some for my classroom. I like how nicely they stack in my cupboards. 

I have a student teacher from January 8th-March 1st so I am hoping to get my math organized during his solo weeks ;)


  1. I have a student teacher starting January 22! I am looking forward to it. I just hope I have something to offer her. Good luck to you!

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