Friday, December 21, 2012

SNOW!!!!! And more!

The first day of winter and we got SNOW! My little kiddos were soooooo excited about the snow that we just had to go out and explore!

 Our playground.
Can we please just throw one snowball??

There was just enough snow to stick to everything but the roads and get the kids super excited on our last day before vacation.

This week we decorated our cinnamon applesauce gingerbread ornaments, made magic reindeer food, and decorated our gift bags to look like gingerbread houses.

 Magic Reindeer to sprinkle on the lawn.
 Reindeer food we got to eat :)

 This is one tired teacher who is so ready for a vacation! I hope that all my littles enjoy their vacation and have a wonderful Christmas. I am looking forward to our return in January. There is something about January in first grade. That little light bulbs turns on and everything we have been working on up to this points clicks. It is my favorite time of the year.

I am going to enjoy my morning coffee in my pink personalized travel coffee mug that one of my sweet little girls gave me for Christmas!! After sleeping in that is :)


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