Saturday, January 5, 2013

Last 2 days of vacation...

Well vacation is almost over and I have mixed emotions about going back to work on Monday. I really do miss my little ones (and mine is driving me crazy at home) but I have enjoyed the relaxing vacation that I have had. I honestly did NOTHING on my To Do list. I read 3 trashy love stories and caught up on my TV shows. I also played lots of games with my lil man and eat way to many cookies. This morning Parker started a Basketball Camp trough the city so we had to set the alarm clock and get up early... boy was that hard! How am I going to get up even earlier Monday morning??? Maybe I should get up early tomorrow to get ready... it is a nice thought but probably won't happen. Yesterday I started to panic because I have got nothing done and I left for vacation with all my Christmas stuff still up in my room. So, yesterday I went in and spend almost 5 hours just cleaning and organizing my room. I felt much better when I got home. Then I started working on printing an preping these fun units that I got on TpT last week. Next will be all about Super Hero's in room 3!

These two packets by the Teacher Wife

and this packet from Jodi Southard at Fun in First

(Click on pictures to take you to the items over at Teachers Pay Teachers.)

I turned a movie on and went to town cutting an laminating. No I just need to get my Newsletter and a few other things done and I think I will be ready for my kiddos on Tuesday. 

Have a great weekend!!!!!


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